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Vaping Explosions

July 21, 2019

skull with broken jaw

Vaping explosions are on the rise. Vaping explosions from e-cigarettes are on the rise and more frequent than initial reports concluded.  Earlier in the year we posted an article on the increased use of vaping among children and teenagers in the United States. This is a follow-up article exposing accidents that have been directly related…
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Infused Water

June 21, 2019

red text hint on water bottle

Over the past many years, our office has suggested that parents please limit the amount of pop, gatorade, juices and energy drinks their children drink. Drinks containing sugar and drinks that have a low pH increase demineralization of teeth which result in an increase of caries (cavities). Therefore, when parents ask what they should then…
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Sugar Intake

May 3, 2019

sugar bags showing content sugar in each drink

Sugar Intake Consumption of food and drinks containing sugar significantly contributes to early childhood caries (cavities) and obesity. It is very important to know how much sugar your child consumes daily? First consider the drinks containing sugar that can be purchased at schools. Obesity and dental caries are increasingly widespread pathologies amongst our children. The…
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Teething Tips and Tricks

April 4, 2019

Bottle of oil next to white flowers

More Tips and Tricks on Teething Teething can start as early as 4 to 7 months. Because young babies are sensitive, only two essential oils are recommended for topical use during this early stage: chamomile and lavender. Chamomile is the most commonly used essential oil for teething because of its sedative effects. Its nontoxic nature…
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Canker Sores

March 2, 2019

canker sore on inside of lip

Canker sore on the inside of lip.


February 9, 2019

Screen Shot 2019 01 25 at 10.44.35 AM - E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes have become the new teen rage. Teens interviewed in a recent study felt that vaping was safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. Don’t let your kids be fooled! E-cigarettes are not FDA regulated, therefore, the compounds in the liquid being smoked do not have to be disclosed on labels. Dr. Robin Deterding, pulmonologist for The…
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Dental Tips And Tricks

January 24, 2019

blue dental red Tips & Tricks text on green toothbrush

Our Dental Tips and Tricks have been very helpful to many parents in the past. We continue to listen to our parents to learn any new things we can ad to our arsenal. Thumb or finger sucking Many parents are so frustrated when they speak to us about their child’s thumb sucking habits. To understand…
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Orthodontic Treatment

December 19, 2018

silver braces on teeth

Orthodontic Treatment Orthodontic treatment.   At every six month dental exam at Wild For A Smile, your child will have an orthodontic examination to assess any orthodontic needs that your child may have.  A referral to the orthodontist at the proper time will be made if there is concern with any current or developing situations that can…
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What Liquids Do You Drink

November 30, 2018

water pouring into glass of water

What liquid do you drink? What liquids do you drink?  As times change and families become more busy a change in what American are consuming has changed tremendously in the past 50 years.  From fast foods to sweetened acidic drinks that are readily available on the fly in our increasingly busy lives.  At Wild For…
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The Differences Between Pediatric And Family Dentists

November 24, 2018

Black letters American Board Of Pediatric Dentistry under logo

The Differences Between a Pediatric and Family Dentist The differences between a Pediatric Dentist and a Family dentist are many more years of specialized training and experience with children to meet the unique needs of your child. What is a Family Dentist A family dentist is similar to a general dentist. Rather than specialize in…
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